Parenting in the Digital Era

Did you know a Canadian study shows that parents spend an average 3.5 minutes PER WEEK in meaningful conversation with their children. Do you think this is true because of the digital world we live in? Maybe this article will help “Parenting in the Digital Age” Click here to read the entire article.

Haven McFarland Testimony

Haven McFarland a fourtheen years old patient. She came to us with a sever Craniofacial pain. From the age of 9, Haven lived on a soft diet. For four years she literally could not open her mouth to eat. We invite you to see what happened from the first day she came to our clinic….


Mouth Breathing: Physical, Mental and Emotional Consequences

List of the many consequences of Mouth Breathing: Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) Facial Morphological Changes (long, narrow face) Posture Problems Nasal Congestion Sleep disorders Fatigue Decreased Productivity Poor Quality of Life Attention Deficit Disorder  (ADD) Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder (ADHD) Obstructive Sleep Apnea Please read the entire article “Mouth Breathing: Physical, Mental and Emotional Consequences”…

The importance of the caries risk assessment

Nutrition and Dentistry go hand in hand. Here in this video Dr German Ramirez and Dr. Barry Rubinoff explain what Aurora Kids Dentistry can do for your child`s overall health.

When is the best time to correct crooked teeth?

When is the best time to correct crooked teeth? Do we have to wait to get braces? Watch this short video where Dr. Ramirez explains the treatments available at Aurora Kids Dentistry to prevent and correct crooked teeth at any time.      

My Child’s First Visit To The Dentist

Dr. German Ramírez recommends parents to bring their children to Aurora Kids Dentistry soon after birth. Whatch our video to see why Dr. “R” recommends this.

Eggs vs. Breakfast Cereal – Go With Your Heart

Have you been sold that low carb / high protein breakfast cereals make for a healthier breakfast than eggs?  We beg to differ.  First, let’s talk about a popular processed cereals. An alarming report from Stockholm University raised concern about processed carbohydrates. The report found cancer-causing agents in a number of cooked foods. (1)  And…

Books for Before a Dentist Visit

Is it time for your child’s dental checkup? Help ease the worry by introducing the dentist with these fun stories.   The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist  by Stan Berenstain (Author), Jan Berenstain (Author) Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book® from Stan and Jan Berenstain. Join Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister for…