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Sleep Dentistry, What is it?

Dentistry while asleep describes a variety of special techniques that allow your child to receive treatment in comfort by promoting a peaceful state of sleep.

Many people, both adults and children, are not comfortable having dental treatment completed with local anesthesia alone.

In fact, surveys done in Ontario indicate that, if given the choice, most people would prefer to have an alternative to “just freezing” to be more comfortable during extensive dental procedures. Many patients who delay getting the necessary treatment do so because they are unaware of the option to sleep through it all!

We are very fortunate as a paediatric practice to have operating room time in a private facility. This allows us to offer your child the comfort of being completely asleep while undergoing any dental procedure and peace of mind of the parents.

Can my child benefit from Dentistry Asleep?

If your child requires extensive treatment, dentistry while asleep can allow all of the treatment to be done in one session. This means fewer visits to the dentist.

If your child is frightened, or has difficulty at the dentist, dentistry while asleep can help your child receive quality dental care while avoiding the sensations and discomfort that contribute to anxiety and stress.

Is Dentistry Asleep safe?

This is a common question, and the answer is that Dentistry while asleep is exceptionally safe. The rigorous controls and precautions that are maintained make it as safe a choice as any procedure being performed.

Who can benefit from Dentistry Asleep?

Dentistry asleep provides the benefit of completing dental treatment in one session at the hospital. There is a PPAC (Pediatric Pre-Assessment Clinic) at the facility that must be attended prior to treatment. This session gives parents an opportunity to have any questions that they may have answered. A visit to your child’s family physician for a complete physical examination will also be necessary prior to treatment in the hospital.

A child who feels anxious about dental visits, who often gags during treatment or who needs extensive dental work, may benefit from having their treatment completed asleep,  in one session.