How do I prepare my child for the first dental visit?

The first dental visit is the foundation stone of your child’s dental experience. Therefore, (except in emergency cases) the first dental visit is geared towards the familiarization and the psychological support of your child in the dental environment.

The following non-invasive procedures are performed:

  1. Oral Examination and diagnosis

  2. Radiographic examination (if necessary).

  3. Advice on healthy nutritional habits

  4. Advice on oral hygiene techniques

  5. Consultation with the parents about the diagnosis and treatment and selection of the appropriate behavior management and/or treatment techniques for the child.

  6. The goal of this first visit is to:

    a) Become acquainted with the psychology, character and reactions of your child. This gives the specialist information on how to manage your child at the next visit if treatment is required.
    b) Classify your child into the appropriate risk category for dental decay.
    c) Provide the right preventive program and dental care.
    d) Evaluate the development of the jaws and how we can help to guide your child’s oral growth, as necessary.