Well Baby Check ups
Every child, from newborns to teenagers, have the right to grow with a healthy smile and a lifetime of good dental health.

Why you should bring your newborn to a pediatric dentist for baby check ups?

At Aurora Kids Dentistry our thought is that prevention starts the first day of life. So, we could prevent cavities, bad habits, poor jaw growth or mouth breathing.

Breastfeeding properly is the key to stimulate your newborn baby’s jaw growth, and jaws grow fastest at the beginning of our life. Things like tongue-tie may make it difficult for your child to correctly latch on when breastfeeding.

It can also make it painful for you. Releasing a tongue-tie may make breastfeeding more pleasant for you and your newborn baby. Habits, such as mouth breathing, start because of incorrect breastfeeding .

Pacifiers and bottle-feeding can affect the normal growth of your newborn baby’s jaws. This can lead to crowded, crooked teeth and bite problems later in life.

Although your baby does not have teeth you can prevent many problems in their mouth by doing everything right from day 1!!

Let us help you to have a cavity-free child and make their jaws grow properly, so they may possibly grow without having crooked or crowded teeth.

Come and see us early in your baby’s life so, we can assist you as they grow and develop through the years of their life!